Light therapy

La Luminothérapie est un traitement non invasif cliniquement prouvé qui utilise l’énergie lumineuse émise par les LED pour offrir des solutions naturelles à de nombreux problèmes de peau. C’est un traitement sûr, efficace et axé sur les résultats.

Frequently used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, this treatment can be combined with all of the facial massages offered by Diane Servant.

The Dermalux® device has enormous benefits on skin problems: skin aging, acne, rosacea, hypersensitivity, psoriasis and many other conditions.

Diane Servant strongly recommends a 30-minute session following your facial treatment, which is painless and beneficial to your well-being and mood. For more lasting effects, it is recommended to follow a cure of several sessions. 

30 min.