Face sculpting

A real natural facelift, Face Sculpting is a unique treatment protocol developed by Diane Servant.

She traveled to Moscow, London, Geneva and Los Angeles to meet with recognized experts in the field of facial massage to develop her own method.

This anti-aging treatment with a sculpting effect allows adouble external and intra-oral massage to work all the muscles of the face.

Through external massage, in-depth work is done on the muscular structure and, at the same time, tissue drainage takes place. This is followed by an intra-oral technique using surgical gloves, where the muscles are stretched and massaged to regain flexibility, elasticity and tone.

Muscular tensions are released, the lips are plumped up, the naso-labial fold and the peri-buccal wrinkles are smoothed out. Your face is relaxed, lifted, plumped up and the oval is redesigned.

An unparalleled sensory experience for results that show.

A true alternative to injections, a course of 5 to 10 sessions will provide even longer-lasting effects.

Please inform your practitioner of any pregnancy, illness or symptoms.